Homeowners from Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County rely on PSS Garage Doors & Gates to install high quality residential gate openers for their homes. Our experienced staff has set up residential gate systems on properties small and large, with one automatic gate or multiple gates. No job is beyond our installers’ capabilities.

We make sure that your gate operator and all associated components are installed correctly, and that you have everything you need for a complete electric gate system that meets all of your needs and adheres to established safety regulations. Your total satisfaction is our top priority, and has guided the way we do business.

Automatic gates have become increasingly more popular among homeowners because they are incredibly convenient and offer substantial benefits and overall value. With improvements to residential gate systems constantly being made, they will only become more prevalent over time.

One of the main reasons why clients have us install residential driveway gates and gate openers is to help keep their families and personal property safe from intrusion and potential harm. To a certain extent, electric entry gates serve as controlled barriers between your home and the outside world. With the installation of residential gate openers and access controls, you get to decide who is permitted entry and who is not. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Besides safety, homeowners also look to electric residential gates for added privacy. In a constantly moving, increasingly hectic world, many people use their residences as spaces where they can disconnect and unwind. Automated home driveway gates, easily controlled by operators and access systems, help keep unwanted visitors from getting to your door and bothering you and your family. With these entry gates and openers installed, you won’t have to worry about solicitors or busybodies encroaching on your private space.

Last, but not least, automatic residential gates can make your property more visually enticing than before. Our company crafts custom entry gates out of a number of popular, durable materials including wood, ornamental iron and aluminum. There are very few limits to the design possibilities, meaning that your gates can perfectly complement the particular style of your home. When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about your electric gate being an eyesore.

Home Gate Operator Installers

When it comes to installing residential gate openers, there are many quality models to choose from. We have worked with units from all of the top manufacturers, including LiftMaster, HySecurity, DoorKing, Viking, Eagle, Ramset and U.S. Automatic.

Selecting the right gate operator for your residence will depend on the weight and size of your gate, whether the gate swings or slides open, and how often the gate will be opened and closed on a regular basis. Due to the differences in functionality between slide and swing gates, openers are designed to work for only one type of gate, not both. While a majority of residences have swing gates, it is nevertheless critical to make certain that the unit you choose to be installed is correct for your specific application(s).

Additionally, heavier/larger electric gates require higher-horsepower operators. Typically, the residential gate openers we install are ½ horsepower or 1 horsepower at the most. If your gate is particularly large, however, it may be necessary to use a model more frequently set up for commercial properties that has the added horsepower you need.

If you are unfamiliar with gate openers and/or would like advice on which model will be the ideal fit for your home, we’re always here to help. We’ve successfully installed thousands of residential gate operators over the years and have tremendous insight into which models tend to work best in different circumstances.

Our friendly technicians can give you as much (or as little) detailed information about the opener and associated components as you’d like. At the end of the day, we want you to be as at ease with your residential gate system as possible.

Residential Gate Operator Installation Services in Ventura

With automatic gates and gate openers being as important for residential security and privacy as they are, it is vital to choose installers capable of doing first-rate work. PSS Garage Doors & Gates only employs technicians with substantial skills, industry knowledge, superior work ethics and strong commitments to excellence. We are the premier residential gate operator installer in Southern California because the quality of our work cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Residential gate opener installation is one of the many areas in which we excel. Please call us at (805) 644-5482 to speak with a team member today about all of your automatic gate system needs.

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