For more than 25 years, PSS Garage Doors & Gates has been a premier gate designer for Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. Our company specializes in the design of custom automatic gates for driveways and other entryways. Due to properties having particular dimensions, land levels and landscapes, standard gates often won’t work properly. Relying on gates with the wrong fit can lead to easier break-ins and frustrating, potentially expensive breakdowns. Whether you need an electric gate for a residence or for a commercial or industrial location, we can masterfully design the perfect gate for your property.

The high-quality gates we design serve a variety of important purposes. Many of our gates are primarily used as means of securing properties and helping maintain privacy. These electric gate systems create effective barriers and can add important value to your property. Customers from Santa Barbara all the way down to Malibu also come to us to design entry gates aimed at enhancing their properties’ overall aesthetic appeal. Our expert craftsmen are fully capable of designing gates as simple or ornate as you desire. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you get what you’re truly looking for.

Automatic Swing and Slide Gate Suppliers in Ventura

Our designers have substantial experience formulating both slide gate and swing gate systems. We will work carefully within the parameters of your project, and come up with ideal solutions that look incredible and function exactly as you need them to.

The custom slide and swing gates we design are manufactured using a variety of top-tier materials including: wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, aluminum and chain-link. Our vinyl and wooden gate designs have a classic, idyllic beauty to them and work very well in a wide range of settings (often residential). Wrought iron and aluminum gates, frequently used for commercial and industrial applications, are highly regarded for their strength and have visual appeal of their own.

Additionally, we offer a variety of popular finishes including powder coating, polyurethane paint, galvanizing, rusts and patinas. When we’re done designing and fabricating them, your automatic gates will look even better than you imagined they would.

Let us design your high-quality electric security and privacy gates. Our work is top-notch, and you’ll absolutely love what we come up with. We also install automatic gates and gate openers.

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Residential customer gets custom gates by top automatic slide gate suppliers in Ventura CA.

Residential customer gets custom gates by top automatic swing gate suppliers in Ventura CA.

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