While garage door systems may seem rather simplistic, in truth there are a lot of components and mechanisms involved in successfully getting the door up and back down again. When one or more of these parts break or otherwise malfunction, the door itself may frustratingly cease to operate properly. With more than 45 years of combined industry experience, PSS Garage Doors & Gates is well equipped to get things back to how they should be. Providing cost-effective, efficient, and dependable service, there is no better company to choose for garage door repair in Ventura, California.

Over the years our skilled repair technicians have masterfully addressed a wide range of garage door issues, from basic fixes to more complex corrections. Some of the more prevalent problems we come across include doors coming free of their tracks, and door cables jumping and coming loose from their drums. Important system parts such as bottom seals, hinges, and springs, can also break down and must be swapped for replacement parts. These problems, and many more, are what necessitate professional Ventura garage door repair.

Ventura garage door service for white garage door.

Ventura Garage Door Repair Service

The time that it takes to complete the repairs depends on factors such as how much labor is required and whether the replacement components are readily available. PSS’s highly skilled and well trained garage door technicians stock their trucks with an array of reliable replacement parts. For some clients, this enables us to make the required fixes and have the systems restored to proper functioning during the very first visit.

However, there are also times in which the replacement parts need to be special ordered and/or the garage door itself has sustained damage. In such instances we will submit the order for the replacement parts and finish the garage door repair service in Ventura as soon as we possibly can. Please note that our technicians will make sure that your garage is sufficiently secured until the job can be completed.

Garage Door Openers

As a well established garage door repair company, we also service the garage door openers that are responsible for controlling how and when the doors move. Having worked on many operators over the years, our technicians are able to effectively pinpoint the issues at hand and proceed with the appropriate remedies. We service many opener makes and models, especially systems from Genie, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and other prominent vendors.

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Garage Door Maintenance in Ventura

To help garage doors operate at top performance over time, PSS also offers affordable preventative maintenance services. When it comes to these types of doors, proactive maintenance often entails making sure that the components are well lubricated, the door is balanced, and all hinges are sufficiently tightened. If you’re interested in Ventura garage door maintenance, please reach out to us and we will determine the appropriate frequency to best meet your needs and circumstances.

Homeowners, HOAs, and others across Ventura put their trust in PSS Garage Doors & Gates because we are professional, experienced, and have the careful attention to detail required to get jobs done correctly. We recognize how vital it is for garage doors to work as intended, and always do all in our power to get the doors and systems repaired as quickly as possible while still being appropriately thorough. To schedule garage door repair work, please give us a call at (805) 644-5482. We look forward to being of service when you need us.

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