As you travel around Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, you’re sure to notice that many commercial properties have slide gates and swing gates set up. Businesses depend on these gates to assist with security by controlling access in and out. The gates themselves work in conjunction with operator units that are responsible for moving them when required. Given the mechanical nature of these systems, there is always the possibility that the opener or gate itself can sustain damage or cease to function properly. Such situations can create headaches for companies, as the malfunctioning equipment can negatively affect overall site security and make it challenging for approved vehicles to enter or exit.

If you’re currently dealing with a commercial gate or gate opener that has broken down, PSS Garage Doors & Gates is at your service. We are known for offering the best commercial gate repair near Westlake Village, California, because we have in-depth industry experience and an exceptionally-skilled group of technicians.

Automatic gates and the operators that control them have numerous parts and mechanisms to contend with. As such, it is not advisable for you or anyone else at your business to attempt repair work on your own. Fixing commercial gates properly requires extensive training and mechanical knowledge, and doing repairs without these essential qualifications can end up resulting in the problems getting worse. Instead, your best bet is to reach out to skilled professionals for assistance. Many businesses have come to rely on PSS Garage Doors & Gates because our top-notch service technicians consistently provide effective and efficient Westlake Village commercial gate repair. Regardless of the particular situation, we are confident in our ability to pinpoint the issues at hand and fix things accordingly.

Westlake Village commercial gate opener repair provided by PSS Garage Doors & Gates.

Westlake Village Commercial Gate Opener Repair

In order to keep the automatic gate system at your business functioning properly over time, it is important to keep an eye out for particular signs of trouble. If you or anyone else on the premises discover that the gate is moving at a slower speed than usual, isn’t opening or stopping at the designated spot, or isn’t moving at all, you most likely have problems that require professional attention. Please note that you may also require commercial gate opener repair near Westlake Village if the gate opens or closes at inappropriate times, has jammed locked, or is making unusual beeping noises.

If you’re uncertain of what’s going on with your gate system, it’s best to reach out before the situation escalates. Having worked with a range of commercial customers over the years, we know all too well that delaying the request for repair work can quickly make the issues far worse (and often costlier as well). Spending money on gate service is a much better option than having to replace the gate or operator in its entirety. No matter if the chain is broken, the power supply or limit switches have become problematic, or the circuit board is failing to work properly, our repairmen have what it takes to make things right. In situations where the gate and/or operator are beyond repair, we can help get you set up with effective replacements that will serve you well.

Commercial Gate Replacement Near Me

Having periodic maintenance service done can help ensure that your gate system continues to function as it’s meant to. It also helps to decrease the chance of issues arising. Besides providing Westlake Village commercial gate and gate opener repair service, our renowned company also offers excellent preventative maintenance that is typically performed every three months, six months, or twelve months. Gates that experience frequent activity generally require more frequent maintenance work than gates opened and closed more sporadically. If the automatic gate(s) at your place of business open and close quite often, you’ll likely want to have maintenance service done on the operators, access controls, and various safety devices a few times each year.

One of the things that our commercial gate service technicians do when they visit you for preventative maintenance is to evaluate any issues you might have found. Each technician on our team is fully dedicated to doing a comprehensive job, and goes through an extensive maintenance checklist to make certain that each aspect of the overall system is assessed and adjusted when needed. We continue to take immense pride in the work we do for our valued customers, and know that you’ll be highly satisfied with the results we provide.

Top commercial gate contractors offers professional commercial gate replacement near Westlake Village, CA.

Top Commercial Gate Contractors for Westlake Village Businesses – PSS Garage Doors & Gates

As our many customers will attest, PSS Garage Doors & Gates is the best company for commercial gate repair near Westlake Village. You’ll find that our wonderful team knows these gate systems inside and out, and has a proven track record of quality work. We understand that your business depends on these automatic slide and swing gates to work properly, and are here to provide repair services that are effective and work within your budget. To speak with us about your gate repair needs, please give us a call at (805) 644-5482, or fill out our website contact form.


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